New Corporate Name Reflects Changes to Growing Technology Portfolio, Specifically the Expansion into the European Market and the Addition of Dog and Cat Diagnostic and Animal Health Markets.

Lexington KY, December 16, 2021. MEP Equine Solutions announced today the immediate corporate name change to Parasight System, Inc. MEP is known as the maker of the Parasight System™, the world’s most sophisticated image-based, automated fecal egg counting technology. The name change comes on the heels of a $3.5 MM capital raise led by a major animal health investment group to complete the new Dog and Cat fecal egg count technology. In addition, Parasight for pasture animals has received a CE mark for use in current overseas sales.  Parasight System, Inc. released a new company logo and sales structure as part of the name change.

“2021 marks a series of important developments in our organization,” said Eric Hauck, CEO of Parasight System, Inc. “Over the past several years, we have developed competencies with equine working closely with end-user clients to fine-tune the pasture animal system.  In 2021, we achieved additional markets outside the United States including growing sales in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan and France. Parasight added additional animals to test including goats, sheep, and cattle.  Now with the new capital investment and CE mark, we plan to launch a dog and cat product named Parasight for Companion animals by yearend 2022. Parasight for Companion animals will detect and quantify parasite ova from hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and coccidia.”

About Parasight System

The patented Parasight System™ is the world’s most sophisticated image-based, automated fecal egg count technology.  An instant push-button automated fecal egg count (FEC) method that is significantly more precise and accurate than the traditional McMaster FEC, Parasight identifies and counts parasite eggs using fluorescence imaging technology and machine learning software algorithm. The Parasight System™ outputs an image of the eggs and a count of parasite’s ova and identifies and quantifies the amount of egg in a gram of the infected fecal matter “EPG”). The easy-to-use Parasight App provides a simple user interface for emailing results and integrates with numerous PMS systems.  This veterinarian-based solution, which can be used in the laboratory and on-site, provides rapid, quantitative fecal egg counts in animals. Parasight’s accurate results enable veterinarians and consumers to treat and manage parasite outbreaks effectively. The Parasight System™ equipment is provided to veterinarians at no cost with an annual testing agreement.

Parasight System™ currently identifies the presence of eggs from ascarids and strongyles in horses and trichostrongylus, haemonchus, ostertagia, oesophagostomum, chabertia, cooperia, and nematodirus, in ruminants.  The machine continues to add additional parasite ova detection and will be updated to include tapeworms in horses and coccidia, and flukes in ruminants in 2022.

Parasight System™ has been validated by numerous labs and major research universities and published in several peer-reviewed papers.  As anthelmintic resistance continues to increase worldwide, Parasight SystemTM is the tool trusted by veterinarians.  For more information visit: