Boehringer Ingelheim is accepting proposals for the 2022 Advancement in Equine Research Awards for Equine Respiratory Disease Research.

“Boehringer Ingelheim is committed to collaborating with the community of researchers, veterinarians and diagnosticians who dedicate their time and energy to improving the lives of horses through research,” said Steve Grubbs, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, equine technical manager for Boehringer Ingelheim. “The Equine Research Awards program has been invaluable in advancing what we know about infectious respiratory disease and severe equine asthma syndrome.”

Public and private researchers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico are eligible to submit proposals for research programs that help advance the diagnosis, treatment, and understanding of equine disease. Boehringer Ingelheim will present five $15,000 awards focused on two specific disease topics: equine infectious respiratory disease and equine asthma syndrome.

Proposals must be submitted by Sept. 15 and will be reviewed by an independent board consisting of renowned equine industry professionals, including practicing veterinarians and researchers. The board will peer-review and select proposals based on probability of successfully completing the project, potential for impact to the equine industry, originality, and scientific quality. The awards will be announced at the 68th annual American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention, which will be held Nov. 18-22 in San Antonio, Texas.

Boehringer Ingelheim will accept electronic copies of the proposals in lieu of hard copies. To participate in the 2022 awards program, submit an e-copy proposal, cover letter, and curriculum vitae to Grubbs at

The Boehringer Ingelheim Advancement in Equine Research Awards program was launched in 2011 to support veterinary research that results in practical applications for insights into important equine infectious and noninfectious diseases. More than $675,000 has been awarded to date for emerging science in equine research. For more information and complete submission instructions, please visit