Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to owning and riding horses. In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers which they preferred to own: mares, stallions, or geldings. More than 1,450 people responded and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 1,485 respondents, 605 (41%) said they prefer to own geldings, while 337 (23%) said they prefer mares. Just 28 respondents (2%) said they prefer stallions, while the remaining 515 respondents (35%) said a horse’s sex doesn’t matter and that they judge each horse by it’s individual merit.

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Additionally, more than 90 people commented on their preference:

Many people commented on why they preferred to own geldings:

  • “Most geldings are easier to get along with.”
  • “We only have geldings as we don’t breed and value the calmer vibe.”
  • “I don’t breed, so I prefer non-breeding animals.”
  • “I seem to bond better with geldings.”
  • “Gotta love those geldings!”
  • “I have a slight preference for geldings, but would not pass up a good mare.”
  • “So far I’ve only ever had geldings, though I won’t ever breed an animal just because it can reproduce.”
  • “Geldings for sure, although at the moment I have two mares!”
  • “Geldings have a greater predictable temperament on a