A former Standardbred horse trainer is facing a multiple count indictment for allegedly maltreating several horses removed from her Swedesboro, New Jersey, farm last year.

In December 2014 seven Standardbreds were seized from a facility operated by Monica Thors. All the seized horses were allegedly overweight and lame. Two of the horses were euthanized following the seizure due to their condition, and two more horses were euthanized at a later time.

Shortly after the horses were removed, Thors said the seizures were unfair.

On June 15, the a grand jury in Gloucester County, New Jersey, indicted Thors on four counts of third-degree animal cruelty in connection with the deaths of the four horses, said Bernie Weisenfeld, public information officer for the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office. According to the indictment, Thors also faces five counts of animal cruelty in the fourth degree for allegedly failing to provide care to four other horses and one goat.

If convicted, Thors could face three to five years imprisonment for each of the third-degree charges, Weisenfeld said. The fourth degree charges carry potential penalties of up to 18 months in jail, he said.

Thors declined comment, citing advice from her lawyer.

The case remains pending.