The Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) has received a generous donation of $102 from 11-year-old supporter Sophia Hatto.

Earlier this month, Hatto set up a lemonade stand and bake sale to raise money for the UHC. A rider herself, Hatto comes from a family of horsemen and women.

“Recently I have been looking into volunteering at a horse rescue and I learned about you through a book, and I thought that helping you would be a way to help horses in need,” she said. “I hope that this money, although it isn’t that much, can help in some way.”

Dagmar Caramello, UHC director, said, “The UHC is thrilled that such a young member of the equine community has taken this sort of initiative and encourages other members of the equine industry to do the same. We greatly appreciate Sophia’s contribution and her commitment to the UHC’s mission.”

Donations to the UHC contribute to the development and distribution of educational materials that help to create awareness of the unwanted horse issue and promote the available options, services, and assistance available within the industry. Donations also go towards UHC grant programs, such as Operation Gelding and A Home for Every Horse, which directly assist horses and horse owners in need.

Anyone wishing to support the UHC’s various efforts can do so by contacting the UHC.