A well-fitting saddle is a necessity to help your horse perform at his best, but a single saddle won’t necessarily fit every horse. As a result, many equestrians have developed saddle collections, big and small.

In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers how many saddles they currently own. We received many varied responses, with comments from individuals who own no saddles to those who have dozens of saddles. More than 1,300 people responded and we’ve tallied the results!  

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Of the 1,337 respondents, 931 (69%) said they own one to four saddles, while 272 respondents (21%) own five to eight saddles. Another 34 respondents (3%) indicated that they currently own nine to 10 saddles, while 54 individuals (4%) said they own more than 10 saddles. The remaining 46 respondents (3%) said they do not own a saddle.

Additionally, more than 350 people commented about their saddles:

Many people shared how they ended up with the saddles they currently own:

  • “I have had many different horses over the years.”
  • “I just keep looking for the perfect one.”
  • “Owning a variety of horses and ponies means owning a variety of saddles.”
  • “All kinds of English, Western, and racing saddles, accumulated with each horse in my life.”
  • “Different animals, different sized riders, different type of riding (English, trail, games) means differ