In the days following the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma May 20, staff from the Hagyard Pharmacy and Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, both in Lexington, Ky., collected medical and grooming supplies, tack, and monetary donations to help the equine tornado victims. On June 10, those supplies were loaded into a horse van scheduled to depart for Oklahoma June 11.

Hagyard posted a message on its Facebook page soliciting donations through the pharmacy. In response, Hagyard received both walk-in and mailed donations and posted letters of support to share with their clients. One letter, from a young girl named Bella in Minnesota, accompanied a shoebox containing grooming supplies, a halter, and a lead rope.

In her letter she said: "I was saving them for my horse (someday), but I think this is more important."

"We had a lot of help," said Ashley VanMeter, a pharmacy sales associate. "When we posted the initiative on Facebook a lot of our partners and vendors took our post and shared it—like the Kentucky Horse Park and United States Equestrian Federation and the places that we deal with everyday—so we reached a lot more people than just our clients that we work with directly."

Nancy Englund, also from Hagyard’s pharmacy, added, "We’ve received donations from all over the country. There has been a tremendous response."

Bitsy Thompson, who works with Hagyard, said the word was "spread among the farms we deal with, and the support was everywhere. It just opened up."console.log('scenario 2');