It’s autumn and this means it’s time to start preparing for winter–and that includes getting your horses prepared for the colder weather, too. The American Youth Horse Council reminds every horse owner or caretaker that cold, wet weather brings additional considerations for the well-being of our equines.

Food and Water:

  • Forage for Heat and Health: Digesting food is the horse’s most effective source of heat. Cold weather increases the horse’s calorie requirements; make sure to adjust quantity accordingly. And, as pasture quality declines or you transition your horse to hay, consider supplementing with concentrates containing minerals and vitamins. (Read more about feeding horses in winter in Equine Winter Nutrition.)
  • Water: Horses need water year-round for healthy digestion. Horses can’t get the necessary amounts of water solely from eating snow, so ensure your horse has ready access to nonfrozen water at all times.
  • Teeth: Teeth in poor condition will prevent the horse from getting adequate calories and nutrition to keep his weight stable during the cold winter months. Have teeth attended to now so the horse doesn’t have to play nutritional catch-up during or immediately after the winter.

Bodily Comfort:

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