Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) officials have placed an Investigational Animal Hold Order on Barn 1 at Laurel Park, after a horse stabled there began showing neurologic signs.

The order restricts movement of horses currently stabled in Barn 1 at the Laurel, Md., track.

According to a statement released by the MDA, none of the other horses are showing neurologic signs. The MDA took blood samples and nasal swabs from horse this afternoon. Preliminary test results should be available by tomorrow.

“We are working cooperatively with all involved parties, using the most up-to-date science and best management practices to manage this situation, and are doing comprehensive tests to determine the nature of this horse’s illness,” said Maryland State Veterinarian Guy Hohenhaus, DVM. “In the meantime, we urge everyone’s diligence in continuing strong preventive measures such as keeping new horses separate from your general barn population for a period of time, disinfecting, and keeping vaccinations up to date.”

Infectious diseases, some of which can include neurologic signs, are a concern whenever large numbers of horses are stabled in close proximity. Read more about neurological diseases in horses.