Fly control on your horse’s face can be a tricky problem. Now Endure comes in a convenient, ready-to-use roll-on. Apply Endure Roll-on for Horses around the horse’s nose, eyes, ears, mouth, and also around wounds and other surface lesions to protect against face flies, house flies, stable flies, black flies, horse flies, horn flies, deer flies, and biting gnats such as punkies and no-see-ums for five to seven days.

Endure is the only face fly repellent containing RepeLock conditioner, a unique conditioning agent that binds to the hair shaft so it keeps working even in moist conditions or when the horse sweats. The cypermethrin formula with botanically derived pyrethrins breaks down slowly in sunlight, providing repellency and quick knockdown protection from flies and biting gnats for five to seven days. In addition, Endure Roll-on contains a sun-screening agent for added protection and beneficial conditioners for the skin and coat.

“Endure Roll-on comes in an ergonomically designed 3-ounce bottle with a large 1-inch ball to provide better coverage for the horse’s face,” said Liz Bishop, marketing director for Farnam’s fly control products. “The water-based formula has a pleasant fragrance, and can be used on even the most sensitive horses.”

For the rest of the horse, Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for Horses is a ready-to-use, long-lasting, sweat-resistant fly spray that can also be used as a wipe. Endure Fly Spray combines four active ingredients with sunscreen to provide superior protection against flying pests, including; stable flies, horn flies, house flies, face flies, horse flies, and deer flies for up to 14 days, and is also effective against mosquitoes, gnats, lice, and ticks. Endure Fly Spray is available in a 32-ounce spray bottle and one-gallon refill.

Both Endure products, roll-on and spray, are also labeled for use on ponies.

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