Houston horse owner Ben McCleary received a traffic citation for littering earlier this week. But McCleary didn’t chuck something out the car window–no, the citation referred to manure left behind by McCleary’s horse, Rascal, as the pair traveled along a road. Read the report on MSNBC.

This is an interesting situation–you’re riding along the road, your horse does what horses do. Now what? While it might be inconvenient and potentially unsafe to dismount and scatter or remove the pile, I can see the point that a horse-sized pile is no small deposit. Just imagine hitting one on a road bike. Geh.

McCleary is due in court March 11–so we’ll see what happens here. The local police chief wouldn’t comment, but was looking into the ticket.

Who knows … maybe we’re expected to carry folding shovels and pooper scooper bags when riding along the roadside. Thoughts? What do you do when your horse heeds the call of nature in an inopportune locale?

The Museum of Kent Life isn’t looking for just any old donkey whisperer–they need one that speaks Romanian, according to an article from the BBC.

Seeking to liven up their farmyard area, the museum recently added two donkeys–local rescue Ellie, and Romanian import Dora. But now the donkeys don’t want to leave their enclosure. They can’t even be tempted by a carrot. Staffers hope to eventually offer donkey rides, but they need some help.

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