Loaded Horse Trailer Doors Open at 70 mph!


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You’re driving down the road doing 70, and as a stock trailer looms in front of you there’s something not quite right about how it looks. As you get closer you notice that the back door is open … and there are horses inside looking out at you.

 What would you do!?!

My oldest daughter lives in Wyoming. She called me last night to relate the story I told you above. She’s working on a guest ranch this summer (Brooks Lake Lodge). The snows high up in the Wyoming mountains hadn’t yet cleared enough for Barbara to move her Quarter Horse mare Graycie and mule Molly into the main ranch, so she was driving home to get the pair to take them to a lower ranch. The speed limit was 70.

She said there was a moment of "What do I do?", but realized that doing nothing was not an option, and neither was honking to get the driver’s attention as that might spook the horses

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