Ladies in China: hold onto your bras.

The Ethiopian Review cites a report from The Austrian Times that a man in Eastern China (still with me here?) has found a new set of blinkers for his donkey: his wife’s bra.

Farmer Wing Lung’s regular blinkers were chafing his animal’s head, so he stole his wife’s bra off the clothesline and took that to work instead.

He told the Austrian paper: "It was the perfect fit, although the hard part was persuading (my wife) to part with it even if it was for a good cause."

Nintendo has filed a patent for a game controller that might get even me play a video game.

It’s an inflatable "horse" peripheral controller for a Nintendo Wii–you sit on the cushion, which looks like half of an exercise ball. It senses your movement, while you hold another controller that feeds information to the reins.

See the image.  

Most of the articles on this are mocking the concept, but I think it’s pretty neat!

Would you use it?