Just how tough are jockeys nowadays? Sure they may suffer some broken bones every once in a while, but can they handle something most women endure on a regular basis? Steeplechase jockeys in the United Kingdom chose a unique way to raise funds for their Injured Jockeys Fund: waxing their legs.

Horse and Hound UK reports 10 jockeys joined together after a race at Cottenham racecourse near Cambridge on March 14 to bare it all on one leg, from the hip down. Their goal was to raise £ 1,000, but as of April 21, they raised £ 1,398.45 ($2,152.06 USD). A British salon, the Escape Hair & Beauty salon, donated their services free of charge. The jockey who raised the most was given a little leeway by the waxing woman, but the jockey who raised the least amount was going to have a little something extra (details were not given).

Don’t think the jockeys were fearless going into the charity event. One jockey, Dickie Collinson, planned to beg and plead for pity and donations because he “can’t handle much pain.”

Who’s the weaker sex now? 🙂