It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Lexington, Kentucky. I had a relatively light duty day today, so I decided to walk around and take some photos, and then to attend the individual reining medal finals.

Two Dutch fans spotted in the dining area 

Maybe this is old hat for Europeans, but I get a kick out of hearing the different accents and languages on the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park. Spectators and competitors alike have a patriotic yet welcoming vibe. Flag-decorated golf carts, patriotic getup, and cheerfully outlandish and spirited accessories are the name of the game. They announce one’s loyalties in a lighthearted way. And of course the best way to break the ice on the shuttle bus, in line for food, or elsewhere is to ask, “Where are you from?”Who says only Americans like reining? A boisterous crowd of German fans cheer on a competitor at the individual reining medal finals.

It’s also fun to see the television cameras everywhere. I’m