After a short hiatus due to the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (have you seen all the stuff we did? Be sure to check it out!), Weird Horse News is back and full of it!

Full of what you might ask? Why, manure, that is! OK, so this blog isn’t, but there is a statue out there that is and a sculptor in the United Kingdom takes green art to a whole new level. Sophie Howard was featured in an exhibit at HorseWorld (an equine rescue center located in Bristol, England), that had a recycling theme, and she made sure to re-use what most try to get rid of. She made a life-size horse sculpture out of manure. Actually, the frame was made of willow branches, then the manure was mixed in with clay, lime, and horse and cow manure.

Howard talked to Horse and Hound about her sculpture last year, saying “I like making things that are a bit unpredictable and I certainly like the idea of re-using the manure–it seems so right! Each day that I am working on the sculpture, I visit the charity’s muck heap, collect a bucket of poo and then mix it with clay and lime.” (Remember when your parents used to tell you to stop playing in the mud? I guess Howard just didn’t pay attention.)

There were other unique horse sculptures created by artists based on recycling; such as re-using CDs, horse shoes, reclaimed steel, driftwood, and various other materials you can find in your local scrap yard. I was able to find a websi