Ice BonnetTM . . . Desert Equine announces that it is an Authorized Dealer for this exciting new product line


Tucson – August 31, 2011 – Desert Equine’s intention is to provide the horse owner and equine community with innovative and unique new products. Several years ago, Desert Equine introduced the EquineVac to the market which has been well received and highly successful.

Recently a new product has emerged, call the Ice BonnetTM. Desert Equine is very proud to announce that they are now an authorized dealer for this exciting new product line, along with its several other unique products such as the Newer manure spreader.

Horse enthusiasts and owners are well aware of the serious risks associated with overheated horses, and the difficulty in getting their core temperature to drop to safe levels. Often simply spraying them with a garden hose is ineffective. The Ice BonnetTM applies the cooling action where they need it most-the jugular vein and the poll. Time is critical and the Ice BonnetTM is designed to provide the most immediate and effective treatment. Of course prevention is the best cure of all, and therefore the Ice BonnetTM is aptly suited to be continuously worn without any discomfort as a preventive measure; even while riding.

Use it on the trail, arena or while transporting your horse in a trailer. Desert Equine is offering the Ice BonnetTM at Specially Discounted Prices as a New Product Introduction promotion.

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