Selecting a Round Pen

I am a huge fan of round pens. People often ask me what I think is the most important tool or piece of equipment on our property. They are probably expecting a response like a certain bit, bridle, or maybe tractor, but I am quick to reply that our favorite piece of equipment is our round pen.

A good round pen can have many uses. We use our round pen for starting and working young horses and free longeing older horses. We use it as a place to have inexperienced or young riders start out on horseback and we also use it as a small arena for controlled riding or turnout. Because we have a horse motel, we often have guests and their horses here and they often use the round pen for turnout; guests traveling with horses turn their horses out in the round pen so they can move around and have a nice roll in the sand after a long day of trailering. Most recently we used it to house Bud, the mustang that Matt started as part of the Extreme Mustang

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