Now that foaling season is here, equine veterinarians who routinely treat and care for foals will be thinking about colostrumwho has it, who needs it, and where they can get it. You might wonder if colostrum actually is that important. To a newborn foal, it can mean the difference between life and death.

To discuss why colostrum is so important, I first have to explain about the precarious situation into which a foal is born. We all know that to fight infection, healthy people and horses have a functioning jQuery(document).on('ready', function ($, document, undefined) { jQuery('.pum-overlay').on('pumInit', function() { // var settings = jQuery('#popmake-60448').data('popmake'); console.log('pumInit'); }); jQuery('.pum-overlay').on('pumOpenPrevented', '.pum', function () { // var settings = jQuery('#popmake-60448').data('popmake'); console.log('pumOpen prevented'); }); jQuery('.pum-overlay').on('pumBeforeOpen', function () { var $popup = jQuery('#popmake-60448'); // setTimeout(function () { $popup.popmake('close'); // }, 0); // half Second // var settings = jQuery('#popmake-60448').data('popmake'); console.log('pumBeforeOpen'); }); });

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