A North Dakota man arrested two weeks ago on probation violation charges has been arrested again on the same charges.

In 2013, the Morton County, North Dakota, Sheriff's Department seized more than 120 horses without access to food or water residing on a property near Salem; the carcasses of another 96 horses were found on the same property. Further, another 38 horses in Burleigh County, North Dakota, were seized by law enforcement personnel there.

The animals' owner William Kiefer was subsequently charged in Morton County with five counts of overworking, mistreating, or abandoning an animal; he faced four counts of similar charges in Burleigh County.

Kiefer pleaded guilty to the charges and, according court documents, was sentenced to one year in jail with all but six months of that sentence suspended. Kiefer was also sentenced to serve two years' probation, during which time he was forbidden from owning any animals.

Court records show that on Aug. 6, Kiefer was arrested on a bench warrant and accused of violating the conditions of his probation by purchasing a horse. On Aug. 11 a request to revoke Kiefer's probation in was granted in Morton County. Similar probation violations were brought in Burleigh County.

Morton County Sheriff Dave Shipman said that on Aug. 18, North Dakota Parole and Probation Services arrested Kiefer for allegedly violating terms of his probation again by having a horse and a mule on his property near Fargo.

Shipman said Kiefer was booked into the Cass County jail.