All blankets are not created equal. This is especially true for blanket manufacturing company Rose America Corp., which discovered blankets they didn’t make were being sold in packages bearing a photo copied directly from Rose America packaging.

Rose America has manufactured the BMB Pan Am Blanket (shown) since 1984. “Our customers know we are here for them if a problem arises,” said Tom Hanna, vice president of Rose America.

“When they discover these blankets don’t fit they re-turned them to us, believing they’ve bought a BMB. It’s our sad duty to inform them they’ve been sold a knock-off.”

Rose America entered in-to an agreement with Partrade Trading Corp. and Eastwest International Enterprises under which Partrade and Eastwest agreed that they and their affiliates will no longer manufacture, import, distribute, or sell any horse blanket with the same stitching and vinyl reinforcement design of the BMB Pan Am Blanket. The companies agreed to remove any existing inventory of the look-alikes from the U.S. market.