clone of Top Gun La Silla

Top Gun Cryozootech at 3-months-old.

Cryozootech has announced the birth of a clone of top show jumping gelding Top Gun La Silla on March 16.

Top Gun La Silla, a Hanoverian gelding born in 1982, was an international grand prix show jumping champion ridden by Dutch rider Jan Tops from 1991 to 1998 to many podiums. He was an Olympic gold medalist for the Dutch team and a European champion before his retirement in 1999. In 2005 the gelding passed away and cloning attempts were started in 2006. The birth of Top Gun Cryozootech culminated four years of attempts for recipient mares to carry to full-term.

Top Gun Cryozootech is a black colt with four socks and a blaze, whereas the original Top Gun had three socks and a star prolonged by a narrow blaze. Just like the original, Top Gun Cryozootech he is a strong horse with strong, straight legs and an active temperament. It is unknown what Cryozootech's plans will be for Top Gun Cryozootech, but for now he will be staying in the United States.