Colic is the No. 1 killer of horses and, as such, one of many owners’ worst nightmares. While any colic episode can be frightening, being prepared in advance can help you navigate such issues with your veterinarian’s assistance.

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Colic: First Things First Here are the steps to take and information to gather when faced with a colicking horse. Timing of diagnosis and treatment is key to a successful outcome; the longer you delay, the worse the prognosis, so act quickly. Read More

How Veterinarians Assess Horses With Acute Colic A complete, thorough, and timely workup of the horse has the greatest effect on successfully treating colic. Read More

Medical Colic Management: What to Know The goal of medical management centers around breaking the associated pain cycle and reestablishing proper GI function. Read More

When to Refer a Colic Case A vet reviews the different lesions practitioners might encounter during a colic and whether they warrant referral. Read More

What to Expect After Colic Surgery Equally as important as knowing if you’d send a horse to surgery is understanding what to prepare for once he’s home. Read More

Caring for the Colic Survivor Special maintenance and nutrition can help your horse get back to (and stay in) good health after a colic episode. Read More

Study: Most Horses Go Back to Work After Colic Surgery A long-term study showed that 92.5% of horses discharged had returned to work four to eight years after surgery. Read More

Colic Surgery: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow While vets have made progress in improving colic surgery in the past 40 years, there are still improvements to be made. Read More

How Do You Handle Colic? Study results suggest that owners’ responses to colic signs vary considerably based on their knowledge and experience. Read More

SPONSORED Maintaining Healthy Equine Microbiota The bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses that colonize the equine gastrointestinal tract, collectively known as the microbiota, play a crucial role in the horse’s health. Read More