The Blood-Horse Inc. has released a new video “Lameness in the Horse.” This is the third video in The Blood-Horse New Video Collection. Previously released were “Conformation: How to Buy a Winner” and “First Aid for Horses.”

Lameness can range from the barely perceptible to a horse hobbling along on three legs. It can result from trauma, overexertion, poor conformation, or a variety of other factors. “Lameness in the Horse” offers a comprehensive look at this sometimes complicated condition. Veterinary experts talk about what lameness is, how to recognize it, and what the owner or trainer should do.

Mark Cheney, DVM, a well-known racetrack practitioner, conducts a comprehensive lameness exam and discusses why lameness occurs. Ric Redden, DVM, an authority on the equine foot, talks about navicular disease, laminitis, and other serious foot conditions.

“Lameness in the Horse” also presents the most current information on equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM), a neurological disease that can have crippling consequences. Bradford Bentz, VMD, a researcher at the University of Kentucky, shows horses affected by EPM and what is being done to help them.