10 Resources to Help Horse Hindgut Health

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horse grazing in pasture
The equine GI tract plays an important role in horse health. | Thinkstock.com

Keeping your horse’s hindgut healthy is critical for his overall comfort and well-being. Adding supplements to his diet can help, in addition to careful management and veterinary oversight to catch and treat hindgut issues before they continue to progress.

ARTICLE: Keeping the Horse’s Hindgut Happy  Getting back to basics and simplifying meals might be the key to keeping the horse’s hindgut healthy and functioning properly.  Read More

SPONSORED CONTENT: Supporting Equine Hindgut Health in Veterinary Practice  Dietary supplements can offer a nutritional approach to managing the ongoing health of the equine digestive system.  Read More

ARTICLE: Study: Wild Horses’ Gut Microbiome Changes After Deworming  Free-roaming Przewalski’s horses experience notable changes in their gut microbiota after annual deworming.  Read More

ARTICLE: Why is My Horse’s Manure Runny?   Nutrition changes, high-carb diets, and more: Discover the nutritional factors that can cause loose stool in horses.  Read More

ARTICLE: Promoting Gut Health in Foals  Supporting your new foal’s gut microbiome from Day 1 can have a lasting impact on his lifelong health and immunity. Read More

ARTICLE: Why Is My Horse Gassy During Exercise?  Some horses frequently pass gas while being ridden. Learn about the possible nutritional links between exercise and flatulent horses.  Read More

ARTICLE: Omeprazole Causes Only Minor Equine Microbiota Changes  Researchers found the gastric ulcer drug might affect microbiomes less in horses than in humans and dogs.   Read More


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