Many equestrians’ dream world involves a lovely facility, your choice of horses, and unlimited time to spend with those horses. But in the real world, work, school, family and other responsibilities demand our time, and we often find ourselves wishing for just a few extra hours in a day to spend with our four-legged family.

So how much time, on average, are you able to spend riding and caring for horses? We posed this question to our readers in last week’s online poll. More than 1,150 people responded and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 1,192 respondents, 358 (30%) said they spend an average of two hours riding and caring for horses, while 322 (27%) said they spend three hours per day in the barn. Another 186 individuals (16%) spend an average of five hours or more each day with horses and 179 people (15%) said their average daily time devoted to horses amounts to four hours. The remaining 147 respondents (12%) spend an average of an hour or less riding and caring for horses each day.

Additionally, more than 60 people commented about their daily time devoted to riding and caring for horses:

Several commented that they spend a few hours daily caring and riding for horses:

  • “I board my guy with all-day turnout and an open barn at night, so I’m out three to four hours a day, four to five days a week!”
  • “I spend three hours per day just doing chores and caring for horses. It takes longer if I’m riding.”
  • “Chores plus ‘us’ time amounts to three hours daily.”
  • “I do self care, so the number I picked is the minimum time I put in: two hours.”
  • “T