Where does your horse currently call home? In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers about their horses’ living arrangements. More than 950 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 974 respondents, 634 (65%) said their horses currently live at home with them, while 259 (27%) keep their horses at boarding stables. Another 38 individuals (4%) said their horses live at their trainers’ facilities, and the remaining 43 respondents (4%) have other living arrangements for their horses.

Additionally, more than 70 people commented about where their horses call home:

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Many respondents commented that their horse lives at home on their property:

  • “I love having them at home, and I feel so lucky to be able to do so.”
  • “We’re fortunate enough to have a farm and enough land to keep them on at home.”
  • “My horses live at home with me, all 20 of them!”
  • “I am blessed to walk out the back door to the barn where my two geldings are. I’m lucky not to board anymore.”
  • “For the love of my 27-year-old horse, I bought a farm for him when I retired from work.”
  • “I moved them home about 15 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did!”
  • “We have a 56-horse stable and an indoor arena, as well as 26 acres of pastures. We hated boarding!”
  • “I’ve been