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Trail Riding with The Horse

Training on the Trail

Ahh Fall, cooler weather and shorter days. It’s the perfect time to watch the leaves change from the back of your horse on trails in areas in lower elevations as we say goodbye to summer and welcome its rusty...

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Your Public Trails Need You

Volunteers use equine power to make upgrades to public trails. Photo: Courtesy Ami McBride As a trail rider, trails are central to my recreation. Except trails aren’t just central to trail riders, they are important for...

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Staying Found (Even When You Feel Lost)

Not long ago, a group of trail riders got themselves lost in the Badlands Wilderness Area in Central Oregon. Luckily, they had working cellphone and service. But, what if someone’s out there and isn’t so prepared?...

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Ringing in the Year of the Wood Horse

How was your Christmas? Mine was the best one in years! There is something about going home for the holidays that makes you feel like a small celebrity. Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is winding down,...

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One Spooky Trail to Ride!

Profile Rock, at Freetown-Fall River State Forest Photo: Wikimedia Commons For my thrill-seeking trail riders, here’s a spooky, haunted forest to add to your horse-adventure bucket list this Hallows’ Eve. Or maybe...

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The Rookie Road Guide

Check with your veterinarian and officials in the state where you’re headed to verify the paperwork you need for travel. Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt When I came to California (the “Grand Poobah of...

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Hikers, Bikes and ATVs, Oh My!

We all use trails differently, and we all have a right to be there, safely. How as a user group do we first, stay safe; second, do a little better than keep the peace when we run into another person on the trail? Every...

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