Thyroid Problems


Neck Nuisances

Her growth/tumor is finally to the size that it inhibits her ability to flex her head back to her chest.

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ACVIM 2006: Thyroid Function and Dysfunction in Equine Neonates

A foal’s thyroid sets it apart from many other youngsters–the sky-high levels of hormone it secretes allow the foal to be darting around the stall within hours of birth, rather than it remaining immobile and nursing with its eyes shut for weeks

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Swollen Thyroid Gland

My 19-year-old gelding has a swollen thyroid gland on the right side of his throatlatch. It was about the size of a grap

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Shaping Up Your Overweight Horse

When preparing a horse for athletic events and sporting activities, whatever the discipline or level of difficulty, an important consideration is finding the horse’s ideal body weight. This concept is well recognized in human athletics. For”P>When preparing a horse for athletic events and sporting activities, whate

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Thyroid Glands in Horses

A properly functioning thyroid gland is highly important to a horse’s good health. That much is easy. From there it gets more difficult and complex. Knowing when the thyroid gland is in a state of dysfunction is not easy to determine.

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