Equine Parasites and Control Programs

Equine Parasite Research Crowdfunding Project Launched

Crowdfunding Project Receives Recognition

The crowdfunding project, “Let the germs get the worms: Testing a novel probiotic compound for treatment of equine parasites,” began in January and has raised more than $8,000 so far.

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feeding weanling horses; feeding weanlings

ACT 2013: Parasite Control in Foals

Dr. Wendy Vaala shares important information about proper internal parasite control and deworming for suckling and weanling foals. She especially emphasizes the importance of treating roundworm infection.

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Deworming, Part 1: Then vs. Now

Dr. Steve Sundholm of Equus Veterinary Service in Oregon City, Ore., talks about changes in internal parasite control protocols for horses over the years and introduces strategic deworming.

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Diagnosing Equine Parasite Infections: Examining the Evidence

New recommendations for worm control in horses are based on treating some horses more and others less. A “selective” deworming program will result in fewer treatments given (leading to less drug resistance), but if used properly will still result in better overall parasite control.

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Environment: Development and Persistence of Parasites

The horse’s environment is a critical elements to consider when constructing an effective anti-parasite strategy. The key to exploiting environmental events is understanding when and how Mother Nature works in our perpetual battle against worms.

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Ascarids: A Growing Problem

Editor’s Note: This is part 3 in a 12-part series on internal parasites of horses.

In the world of internal parasites, ascarids get no respect. Unlike strongyles, they aren’t a high-drama threat to your horse’s health, and they

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