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Study Shows Some Vet Students Misinterpret Horse Behavior

Misinterpretations (believing a horse is happy when in fact he’s depressed, for example) could cause these future professionals to miss signs of poor welfare and put themselves at risk of injury (if they perceive an agitated horse as playful, for instance).

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Farriers React to AVMA’s MVPA Proposal

Farriers believe the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) proposal to eliminate them from a list of exemptions in the latest suggested revision to the Model Veterinary Practice Act (MVPA) could carry unintended consequences.

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UHC Offers New Nonprofit Membership

The UHC said organizations should advocate for “Owning Responsibly,” strive to provide collaborative partnerships, and be a registered 501(c)(3).

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A Closer Look at Racehorse Welfare

A look at racing ethics could help researchers and industry members acknowledge rightful concerns from a well-meaning public, help resolve misconceptions, and contribute to better equine welfare.

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