Mucousy Manure
Q: I am concerned about a horse (30-year-old Arabian) where I board. Yesterday I found in her manure what looks like stringy intestinal tract with feces encapsulated inside. It does not look like worms. She is also not eating as well as usual. She was scared by fireworks recently, and I wonder if all the running around upset her digestive system? Today, however, her manure looks normal. —Jocelyn Hall, via e-mail

A: In the pictures provided and from what you have described, it sounds like mucus is covering the horse’s manure. This can occur from prolonged transit time through the intestinal tract. Dehydration and impaction can contribute to this condition. Since you mentioned that the mare was upset by the fireworks, I suspect she may also have been agitated and not drinking well. The good news is that the manure seems normal

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