Hemp Hurd Bedding: The Ultimate Guide for Horses

Hemp hurd for horses has many advantages. Download the deep litter guide for horses from Midwest Hemp Tech.

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AUGUSTA, Kan. – Hemp hurd for horses has many advantages. Ultra absorbent, it reduces odor and pests. Utilizing hemp hurd in the deep litter method for horses and other animals is good for the animals, the earth and your pocketbook.

Follow the recommendations below and download the ready-to-print guide and hang in your stalls.

  • Prepare the Stall – Start with a clean stall by removing any existing bedding and debris. Ensure proper drainage to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Spread Hemp Hurd – Evenly spread a layer of hemp hurd on the stall floor. Aim for a thickness of 4-6 inches to provide comfortable bedding for your horse.
  • Monitor Moisture Levels – Regularly check the moisture content of the hemp hurd bedding. Hemp hurd absorbs moisture well, but it’s essential to maintain a balance to prevent excessive dampness.
  • Add Additional Layers – As your horse produces waste, add additional layers of hemp hurd to cover and absorb urine and manure. This helps build up the bedding over time.
  • Turn & Mix – Periodically turn and mix the bedding to promote aeration and prevent the development of ammonia odors. Use a pitchfork or similar tool to fluff up the hemp hurd.
  • Remove Soiled Material – While the deep litter method encourages layering, it’s crucial to remove heavily soiled or wet spots regularly. This prevents odors and maintains a healthy environment.
  • Monitor Horse Health Throughout – Keep an eye on your horse’s health, especially their hooves and respiratory system. Ensure that the hemp hurd bedding is not causing any adverse reactions. Adjust the thickness of the hemp hurd bedding based on the season and your horse’s needs. Thicker bedding may be required in colder weather.
  • Cleaning & Disposal – Despite the deep litter method, conduct a thorough stall cleaning periodically. Remove all bedding, clean the stall, and start the process again with fresh hemp hurd. Dispose of used hemp hurd in an environmentally friendly manner. Consider composting and local waste disposal regulations.

Downloadable Guide to Hemp Hurd for Horses Here.

About Midwest Hemp Technology

Midwest Hemp Technology buys locally grown hemp crops from Kansas farmers for use in manufacturing and food. Founded by hemp industry veterans and business development experts, Midwest Hemp Technology takes a collaborative approach to building the supply chain. Contracting with farmers and end-use manufacturers, the company makes hemp industry connections that contribute in significant ways to the crop’s long-term viability in the U.S. Hemp grain is cleaned, sorted, dehulled and pressed to make food for humans and animals. Midwest Hemp Technology makes a variety of hemp-based products from Kansas farms for use around the country.


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