We asked horse owners from across the country to share their tips, ideas, and suggestions to help make caring for horses and farms during the winter months a little easier. Here are some you might find useful!

Creating Safe Walkways

“In really icy weather I make paths from droppings and straw from stables to field. I also have old stair carpeting, double width, in the gangways in the stable buildings to stop horses with packed hooves from slipping when we have snow.” – Denise Tross

“We snow blow paths to all gates and along certain fence lines to make it easier to turn horses in and out and during feeding time. We use a sled to take hay along the paths and toss the hay over the fence to the horses. On icy areas, we use barn lime for better footing. It doesn’t melt the ice, but makes it non-slip and is safe for animals. It’s also cheap at about $2.50 for a 50 pound bag.” – GreyStone Tank

“We plow/snowblow a path from the house to the pasture to make it easier to traverse snowy ground. Also if you have to transport hay any distance, a plastic sled works far better than a wheelbarrow in the snow.” – Marnie Kemmetmueller

No More Frozen Water

“Heated buckets make me nervous. From failing to heat, to shocking, to starting fires, I just don’t like them! Instead, I use bucket cozies. They’re like a blanket for your bucket, and they help keep it from freezing for a longer period compared to non-insulated buckets. If you use warm water to fill them, they will still be steaming several hours later!” – Arad