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After two days of high winds and driving rains, horse owners in Oklahoma are assessing their losses while bracing for yet another round of strong storms.

According to the National Weather Service, a series of an estimated 14 strong storms swept through the Southern Plains May 18 through May 20, cutting a swathe of devastation through Oklahoma. The storms were particularly damaging to Moore, part of the Oklahoma City metro area, and nearby regions including Carney, located just northeast of Oklahoma City. At press time, officials indicated at least 24 people had died as a result of the storms.

How to Help Horses and Owners Affected by the Tornadoes

In the wake of the Oklahoma tornadoes, individuals, businesses, and organizations are stepping up to help the horse community recover. Here’s a list of some opportunities available to prospective donors.

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Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences is offering care for animals injured during the storm. Owners and referring veterinarians can call 405/744-7000 to arrange for care. Meanwhile, contributions to defray the cost of this care can be made online at or by calling 405/385-5607.