Sometimes it is difficult to find that one short authoritative article that gives the basic information you’re looking for on a specific equine topic. Something that gives you a foundation when you are looking for a starting point on which to build knowledge about a problem that has beset your horse. has the answer: Fact Sheets. A series of informative "Fact Sheets" are now available on, on topics that our readers have indicated are important to them, based on searched terms, reader views on that topic, surveys/polls, and personal communications. Each Fact Sheet contains editorial content generated by The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care staff and veterinary writers and will provide an overview of a specific disease, condition, anatomy/physiology topic, or topic related to horses and their management.

Each Fact Sheet in the unique series is written and reviewed by an expert to ensure accurate information. In addition, each Fact Sheet is presented in a format readers can download; print and share; e-mail to a friend; save to a computer; or archive in personal folder on using the "Add to Favorites" tool at the top of each article. Each Fact Sheet is presented by an industry partner sponsor.

After reviewing a specific Fact Sheet readers can also browse’s Article Library of more than 13,500 articles to find more in-depth information on that particular topic, or they can read another Fact Sheet on a related topic.

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