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The Finished Product

After recent ACL knee surgery, when I was finally allowed to get back on my horse I needed a good mounting block to do so. The plastic store-bought version we had didn’t seem sturdy enough (or tall enough!) so I besieged Matt to build me a sturdy, permanent version. The nice thing about it is that we’ve found many uses for it since my early convalescence: it’s easily used by kids, older adults or guestsÑand me while rehabbing and learning what my new soft tissue can and can’t do. Plus, ask most English riders and they will tell you that using a mounting block is a smart idea; less uneven wear and tear on the saddle as well as less pull on your horse.

Here’s how to make a sturdy, two-step permanent mounting block with the dimensions of 3′ x 4′. It is best to assemble the mounting block structure on a completely flat surface (cement floor would be preferable) before you put it into its permanent spot

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Written by:

Alayne Blickle, a lifelong equestrian and ranch riding competitor, is the creator/director of Horses for Clean Water, an award-winning, internationally acclaimed environmental education program for horse owners. Well-known for her enthusiastic, down-to-earth approach, Blickle is an educator and photojournalist who has worked with horse and livestock owners since 1990 teaching manure composting, pasture management, mud and dust control, water conservation, chemical use reduction, firewise, and wildlife enhancement. She teaches and travels North America and writes for horse publications. Blickle and her husband raise and train their mustangs and quarter horses at their eco-sensitive guest ranch, Sweet Pepper Ranch, in sunny Nampa, Idaho.

12 Responses

  1. Hello Alayne,
    Could you please send me a photo of this mounting block. My husband is going to build it for me but he wants to know what it is supposed to look like.



  2. re: Build a Mounting Block

    My husband made me one of these for Valentines Day and I love it! He said it was pretty easy and loved that there really wasn’t any wasted materials. I’ve had to put Round Up and ant killer on and around mine but only a couple of times and it seemed to

  3. re: Build a Mounting Block

    Great idea and well built.I would just change the sand to gravel so my cats would not feel invited to use it as a litterbox.

  4. re: Build a Mounting Block

    If one takes three 15 or 16 inch rubber tires -used- and drills holes for the bolts-use large finder washers- with 3/8 bolts and bolt the together forming the steps and fill with sand, these work well. No wood splinters or possibility of protruding squ

  5. re: Build a Mounting Block

    I love the idea too and I love the idea of placing it next to a fence like in your picture so that the horse cannot swing his hindquarters away, would help teach a horse to stand still at the block as well. I agree that the plastic ones are unsafe, my

  6. re: Build a Mounting Block

    Nancy, if you want you can use gravel instead of sand. 5/8" crushed rock with the fines would compact nicely. We used sand because it was what we had on hand.

  7. re: Build a Mounting Block

    I have a 17 hand thoroughbred that I use one of the plastic blocks for.  He can move around a bit before I get him lined up just right, I think this would work better because it is bigger and he would definitely see it better!  Once he’s line

  8. re: Build a Mounting Block

    I have a very mounting,"savvy" mare who knows how to turn away from the block…I like the idea of putting it next to a fence.  I think I would also put a 2×10 on it’s side perpendicular so she would have to stand with it between her hin

  9. re: Build a Mounting Block

    I love it -I want to build one in several places around the farm so that if i get off to do something – I can get back on safely!

    Thanks for the specifics – this is awesome!

  10. re: Build a Mounting Block

    I love the idea too! I agree with you about the instability of the plastic mounting block…nearly twisted my ankle using one the first time.

  11. re: Build a Mounting Block

    what a great idea! I have friend who just got seriously injured on one of the plastic unstable mounting blocks, and this one looks GREAT! plus it could be repurposed to a raised garden someday.

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