It’s a widely known fact that I can fit horses into any trip, vacation, or adventure I go on. And last weekend was no exception.

After attending a wedding in Omaha, Neb., my boyfriend and I started the 12+ hour drive back to Kentucky early yesterday morning. After noticing that my trusty GPS was routing us a different way home than we’d come to the Cornhusker State, I began wondering if we’d be driving through St. Louis, Mo. Sure enough, we would be.

Clydesdale Filly

I enjoyed a nice cuddle with this very cute Budweiser Clydesdale filly at Grant’s Farm in St. Louis.

As I began furiously searching on my phone for the information I was looking for, my boyfriend chimed in, “I’m not stopping anywhere…”

“But the Budweiser Clydesdales live in St. Louis!” I lamented.

After a brief discussion about how far out of the way the farm was located and how long a visit would take, Adam finally agreed to take a detour. I could hardly wait!

When we arrived at Grant’s Farm (home of the Clydesdales), we walked around the property (where these horses live like royalty!), visited with some of the massive horses, and even cuddled a very cute filly (see photo at left). And yes, I insisted upon having a photo taken with a Budweiser Clydesdale.

When it was our turn to get our photo taken with a Clydesdale, the worker holding the 18+ hand “Scott” laughed and handed her walkie-talki