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Learn about veterinarians’ current understanding of navicular syndrome with these articles, downloads, videos, and more. Sponsored by Dechra Veterinary Products.

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navicular syndrome
Podotrochlosis, or navicular syndrome, has no cure, but veterinarians and farriers can successfully manage many cases. | Photo: iStock

Your horse’s navicular bones—small canoe-shaped structures nestled in their hooves—can cause some big problems if he develops podotrochlosis, or navicular syndrome. While this progressive degenerative disease has no cure, veterinarians and farriers can successfully manage many cases. And as researchers are learning more about the navicular bone and its associated structures, they’re developing improved management options and outcomes for horses.

We’ve complied 10 resources on navicular syndrome available for free on about the veterinarians’ current understanding of the condition. Search “navicular” or visit the “Navicular Problems” topic page on for additional information.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Podotrochlosis: ‘Navicular’ is No Longer the End of the Road for Horses Equine lameness associated with navicular syndrome can cause major frustration and expense for horse owners. When a horse isn’t sound, we fret over his long-term well-being and lament not being able to compete, train, or trail ride. But advanced diagnostic and management strategies for navicular syndrome have improved long-term outcomes. Learn


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