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Diagnosing Lameness

10 MRI Resources on TheHorse.com

To help horse owners better understand MRI, we’ve scoured our archives and collected 10 resources about this diagnostic modality and some of the ailments it can help identify, all available to you free on TheHorse.com. Sponsored by Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging.

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Infographic: How Does MRI Work?

Veterinarians consider MRI the gold standard for diagnosing equine musculoskeletal injuries. Learn more about this important diagnostic tool in our visual guide! Sponsored by Hallmarq Advanced Veterinary Imaging.

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Sidelined: 4 Common Injuries in Western Performance Horses

Western performance horses are a diverse group of equine athletes trained for a variety of disciplines with unique physical demands. Learn about four common injuries veterinarians see in these athletes, how they diagnose them, and what treatments and rehabilitation methods they use to get horses back to business.

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Horse Hind-Limb Enigmas

While forelimb lamenesses are fairly common, hind-limb issues can be less obvious and even underdiagnosed. Learn about the common causes of lameness in the hind end and how to diagnose and treat them in this article excerpt from the August 2020 issue.

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