With the year coming to a close and winter officially here, there’s no better time snuggle up with a cup of coffee or cocoa and listen to horse-health podcasts. Here’s a list of the most listened to audio features on TheHorse.com in 2017.

How Horses Learn
Learning theory describes how we can influence horse behavior and improve training outcomes. Discover how to shape your horse’s behavior.

How Can I Tell if My Horse is Cold?
A veterinarian shares signs that a horse is cold and explains how you can help keep him warm.

Feeding Your Horse During the Winter
How can you make sure your horse is getting the nutrition he needs during the cold months? Our equine nutritionist explains.

What’s New in Equine Parasite Control?
Learn the most up-to-date information about when and how to deworm your horses.

Taking Care of Your Horse’s Teeth
Is your horse up-to-date on his dental care? Learn about equine dental disease, proper oral care for horses, behavior issues caused by tooth problems, and more.

How Old is Too Old to Breed a Maiden Mare?
An equine reproduction specialist shares insight into breeding older mares for the first time.

Managing and Caring for the EMS Horse
Equine metabolic syndrome can cause obesity, insulin resistance, and laminitis. Here’s how to care for your EMS horse.

How Do Horses Learn Differently Than Humans?
Dr. Camie Heleski offers insight on how horse and human brains differ.

Help for the Herd Bound Horse
Get advice for handling buddy-sour horses safely and effectively.

So, You Want to Breed Your Mare!
Breeding a mare is exciting but not without challenges. Learn about stallion selection, breeding soundness, and more.