10 Retired Racehorse Resources on TheHorse.com
Retired racehorses, including off-track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) are rapidly regaining popularity as sport and pleasure mounts for riders of all disciplines. But there are important considerations to make when choosing and transitioning OTTBs for second careers. Don’t worry—we’re here to help!

Here are 10 retired racehorse resources available for free on TheHorse.com. Find more in the “Thoroughbreds” topic or by searching “retired racehorses” on TheHorse.com.

ARTICLE: Choosing an Ex-Racehorse There is no shortage of retired racehorses to choose from. So how can you pick the one that’s right for you? Here, we get you started on the correct path to choosing an OTTB (or other retired racehorse), and our sources share important points to consider when evaluating prospects. Read More

VIDEO: Racehorses and Second Careers Kentucky Derby and Dubai World Cup-winning trainer Graham Motion shares his thoughts on Thoroughbred racehorses and second careers. Watch Now

COMMENTARY: Common OTTB Behavior Traits A reader is considering purchasing an ex-racehorse and asks about any common behavior problems seen in off-the-track horses. An equine behaviorist offers advice. Learn More

VIDEO: How to Read a Horse’s Lip Tattoo Have you adopted a racehorse but don’t have any papers on him to learn his history? Get the scoop by reading your horse’s lip tattoo. Watch Now

ARTICLE: The Ins and Outs of Feeding the OTTB Off-track Thoroughbreds are popular mounts for riders of many disciplines. But when feeding an OTTB, it’s important to understand how he ate during his time on the track and how his nutritional needs differ once he begins his new life. Read More

ARTICLE: Retired Racehorses: Transitioning from Racetrack to Ribbons Many ex-racehorses are finding second careers once their racing days are over, thanks to the ever increasing awareness of what these multi-talented athletes can also do off the track. Because of this growing movement to retrain racehorses, Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Quarter Horses, and other breeds have successfully been transitioning from the track to a new lifestyle as sport horses, show horses, or all-around pleasure mounts. Learn More

ARTICLE: The Thoroughbred Racehorse Foot Foot problems can commonly cause horses to be scratched from a race, lose training days, overload other structures, and have shortened careers. Functionally adapted for speed and efficient energy usage, the Thoroughbred foot is light and lacks the mass for protection commonly seen in heavier-boned breeds. Learn More

COMMENTARY: Feeding an OTTB-Turned Barrel Horse A reader is thinking about adopting a Thoroughbred off the track for future use as a barrel horse but isn’t sure how to transition him to a new diet. An equine nutritionist weighs in. Read More

ARTICLE: Caring for the Disciplines: Racing It takes careful conditioning and management to keep any racehorse in tip-top shape; here we’ll examine flat racing. Read More

BLOG: Why Aren’t There More Icabad Cranes? Managing editor Alexandra Beckstett explores well-known Thoroughbreds in their second careers and asks, “If you could turn any famous racehorse into a sport horse, who would it be and why?” Read More