Photo: JJ Sillman Photo Courtesy Brooke SchaferLearn about keeping OTTBs healthy and happy as they move into new disciplines. We’ll cover feeding, vet care, handling, and more! You can also find additional information in these 10 retired racehorse resources available for free at

About the Experts:

Janik Gasiorowski


Janik Gasiorowski, VMD, Dipl. ACVS, is a partner with Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center in Ringoes, New Jersey. His clinical interests include orthopedic and upper-respiratory surgery, lameness diagnosis, and nuclear scintigraphy. More recently, he’s focused on the development of surgical techniques in standing (not anesthetized) horses. His research interests include regenerative medicine and orthopedics. He also has a growing interest in transitioning Thoroughbred racehorses to second careers.

Steuart Pittman

Steuart Pittman owns and operates Dodon Farm Training Center where he trains horses and riders for three day eventing, dressage, and jumping. He stands Salute The Truth, the only retired racehorse stallion in America to have evented at the advanced level. Steuart is a popular instructor and clinician both locally and nationally. He is also past president of the Maryland Horse Council and has been actively involved in efforts to revitalize Maryland Thoroughbred racing. He serves as president of the Retired Racehorse Project.