Cellulitis Treatment and Prevention in Horses
Q. I am looking for some information on cellulitis in horses. My gelding had a really bad bout of it last summer, and we almost lost him to the disease. I’ve heard there is a greater chance he will get it again in the future. What are some possible preventative measures I can take to protect my horse?

Darlene, via e-mail

A. Cellulitis, which is also referred to as phlegmon, is characterized by a severe, deep, suppurative (pus-forming) infection that spreads throughout the layers of tissue located underneath the skin. In some instances the infection can even extend to the skin surface, which results in pus-containing discharge draining from the skin surface. It is the combination of depth and severity of infection that can allow the disease to persist or reoccur. Because of this, cellulitis can be a frustrating disease to treat for both

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