Texas A&M University will create a Center for Equine Business Studies to provide equine industry statistics and data to the government and public to help the horse industry make better decisions and build business. The university has retained Latigo Associates to assist in development of the center.

“Latigo Associates is honored to have been selected by the University to assist in this effort,” said Julie Bryant, president of Latigo. “Throughout my 20 years serving this industry, I have often been frustrated by the lack of data available in the horse industry that is so abundant in other livestock or commodity categories, such as cattle and  sheep. With this center, the U.S. horse industry can gain solid ground in claiming true economic impact both in the United States and globally.”

Approved by The Texas A&M University System’s Board of Regents in September, the Center for Equine Business Studies at Texas A&M is slated to become a valuable and consistently available resource for all aspects of the equine industry as it works to provide economic and market information, said the center’s executive director, Dr. Ernie Davis.

“Texas A&M takes very seriously its reputation as one of the nation’s leading universities, particularly in the areas of agriculture and veterinary medicine,” Davis said. “The university recognizes that the horse livestock industry has a need for information that will identify emerging markets and provide a consistent source of economic and industry data to affect sound decision making by companies and groups serving the industry.”