AAEP Updates Biosecurity Guidelines
The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) has published updated biosecurity guidelines to minimize the occurrence and mitigate the spread of potential disease outbreaks.

The downloadable PDF file incorporates comprehensive information and step-by-step protocols in three distinct areas: identification of key personnel, important contacts, and reference materials; routine biosecurity protocol; and outbreak response.

An infectious disease outbreak can inflict significant economic hardship due to loss of horses, loss of use, and shutdown of industry activity. To further reduce risk, the AAEP is assembling a companion worksheet that will serve as a practical resource for practitioners to use with their clients in planning for an outbreak. This fillable PDF worksheet is expected to be available in March.

To view the updated guidelines or to save them to your phone or tablet for future reference, visit aaep.org/guidelines/infectious-disease-control and select “AAEP Biosecurity Guidelines.”