Horses touching noses
How can you keep your horse healthy when going to horse shows, trail rides, or events? And what about bringing new horses into a boarding stable? Learn about practical biosecurity measures to protect your horses.

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About the Experts:

Roberta Dwyer


Dr. Roberta DwyerRoberta Dwyer, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVPM, is an equine extension veterinarian and professor at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, where she also serves as director of the preveterinary advising program. She specializes in veterinary preventative medicine.

Joe Lyman


Dr. Joe Lyman

Joseph Lyman, DVM, MS, joined Neogen in 2014 after practicing equine medicine in Lexington, Kentucky, for 12 years. His practice evolved from his start as a resident veterinarian on a prominent Standardbred farm to a private ambulatory practice with a focus on assisted reproduction and herd health. While running his practice, Lyman also served as an adjunct professor at a local college. As Neogen’s director of professional services and product development, Lyman takes an active role in product development, service, and support for the global animal health company. He also serves as an invited speaker around the world on many subjects, including equine health and biosecurity. Lyman earned his veterinary degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.