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As 2018 wraps up, let’s take a look at the year’s most-viewed commentaries posted on

Cleaning Horse Feed Buckets: When, How, and Why?—Have you cleaned your horse’s feed bucket recently? Dr. Clair Thunes shares tips on when, why, and how often you should clean your horse’s buckets and feeders.

Botulism Killed My Broodmare and Her Unborn Foal—Think botulism can’t happen to your horses? Think again. An owner describes her mare’s battle with the deadly disease.

Pros and Cons of Feeding Horses Beet Pulp—An equine nutritionist answers common questions about feeding beet pulp to horses.

Feeding Honey to Horses—Including honey in the equine diet is common in some countries, but is it safe?

Choosing Salt and Mineral Blocks for Horses—Choosing from plain white salt blocks, red mineralized blocks, rock salt on ropes, and more can be challenging. Our nutritionist offers advice on the best way to supplement salt in your horse’s diet.

Why Does My Horse Chew Wood?—Our equine nutrition expert offers advice to keep horses from chewing on barn wood and fenceposts.

Do Horses Need Hay Around the Clock?—A horse owner asks if she’s feeding her horse hay often enough. Nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes responds.

Why Does a Horse Lie Down?—Find out about equine sleep patterns from an equine behavior expert and learn how to tell if the amount of time your horse spends lying down is normal.

Algae in Horse Water Troughs: Is It Safe?—Our nutrition expert offers tips for keeping algal blooms to a minimum in your horse’s water trough this summer.