UK, USDA Researchers Live by the Word 'Collaboration'

Collaboration seems to be a buzz word in higher education these days. While many people claim to collaborate, researchers at the University of Kentucky (UK) and USDA have proven to be excellent examples of collaboration. Their successes translate to improving the body of knowledge surrounding tall fescue toxicosis, equine gut health, and other aspects of horse health and management.

This partnership began in 2003 when a USDA research unit was located within UK’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environment (CAFΕ). This unit, known as ARS-Forage-Animal Production Research Unit (FAPRU) is housed within the physical buildings of the college and allows the unit to focus its efforts and capital on research while the college provides basic services such as buildings and land, physical plant needs, and custodial services. In exchange, USDA-ARS provides funding t

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