Eye Drops, Irrigating Solutions Recalled

Kinetic Technologies and Kinetic Vet have voluntarily recalled specific lots of Hy-Optic, OptiVet, and Optimend.
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Kinetic Technologies and Kinetic Vet, located in Lexington, Kentucky, have voluntarily recalled specific lots of Hy-Optic, OptiVet, and Optimend.

This voluntary recall is the result of deficiencies in sterility, which could lead to deteriorating eye conditions, irritation, and/or infection.

Recalled products include:

  • Hy-Optic Eye Irrigating Solution—NDC # 51031-011-15—Lot # 10092015—Expiration Date 10/2017
  • OptiVet Eye Irrigating Solution—NDC # 51031-011-15—Lot # 12032015—Expiration Date 07/2017
  • Optimend Corneal Repair Drops—NDC # 51031-013-10—Lot # 01122015—Expiration. Date 10/2017

Each product is packaged in a branded box with the lot number and expiration date printed on the box. Hy-Optic Eye Irrigating Solution and OptiVet Eye Irrigating Solution are packaged in 15 mL oval eye drop containers and labeled prior to packaging. No animal species are listed on the label for use in non-specified animals. Optimend Corneal Repair Drops is packaged in a 10 mL circular eye drop container and labeled prior to packaging for use in dogs, cats, and horses for the treatment of corneal ulcers

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